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The World of Hakkers

Hakkers is a leader in the fields of hydraulic engineering, foundation engineering and steel construction. This is our world. We take on all challenges confident that we will always find the optimal solution. As we have as a family business for almost 150 years.

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As a family business, we stand behind our choices. Caring for each other is a meaningful principle. We are guided by the interests of our current generation of staff, business partners and shareholders, as well as the interests of future generations: our children, future staff, their families and the environment in which we operate. The choices we make today affect our future generations and environment. We will innovate and develop to ensure continuity. Hakkers’ vision of sustainable business distinguishes six focus areas under the themes of Environment and Social & Community.

Focus areas

Our ambition is to actively participate in the transition to a sustainable infrastructure. The ‘living environment’ theme has three main focus areas: climate, optimising resource usage, and preserving and restoring the (natural) environment. We also promote the development and well-being of our staff. The ‘social and community’ theme has three main focus areas: safeguarding a safe work environment, responsible employment practices and regional anchoring and accountability.

We are ISO14001 certified and are on Step 5 of the CO2 ladder.

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The CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is the Netherlands’ sustainability tool that helps companies and governments reduce CO2 emissions and costs. Within business operations, projects and the chain. The ladder is used as a CO2 management system and as a procurement instrument. In our vision of sustainable business, caring for each other and our environment is paramount. Hakkers intends to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050. We have been certified at Step 5 since 2014. This shows our commitment to reducing our CO2 emissions and emissions in the chain.

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An overview of our certifications is listed below.

Sustainability for a healthy future, connected to the environment.

Sander de Kraker, Sustainability Coordinator


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