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Our strong adaptability and constructive thinking enable us to turn unpredictable factors into the optimal solution for every challenge. The starting point is always the theoretical framework provided by the client. As a specialist, Hakkers also has the matching practical experience. With our extensive certification, up to and including Execution Class 4 (NEN-EN-1090), we ensure that all products meet the required specifications. We can master any circumstances in our steel halls on the Merwede River. Our passionate specialists fabricate the finest products.

The World of Hakkers


The design, fabrication, installation and renovation of simple to complex steel structures has become Hakkers’ specialism over the years. For example, the steel construction domain focuses on the broad maritime sector for building structures, such as mooring jetties, pontoons, bridges, and pile heads. Our great added value here lies in the synergy and know-how between the fields of hydraulics and steel construction in which Hakkers specialises.


Besides inland shipping, Hakkers is also a reliable partner for offshore projects where we always provide the optimal solution. Indeed, we are active on many fronts, including infrastructure, inland shipping, the maritime sector and offshore. Our specialism means we are very familiar with the parts, accessories and steel structures needed for offshore wind turbines, transformer stations and modifications to pieces of equipment. This knowledge allows us to contribute to a better world for the next generation.


We are active on and around water but do not shy away from civil engineering challenges: steel bridges, decks and floors are fabricated in our steel construction hall. Our modern and well-equipped steel hall provides the ideal conditions to build structures of up to 160 tons, also with special dimensions, under execution class 4. And our Heavy Lift expertise means we can also transport and install these structures at the final destination.


The world of Hakkers consists of three domains, one of which is steel construction. We are pleased to show you our fantastic results and our current challenges. Be inspired by real-world examples.


Want to meet the challenge with Hakkers and make your project a success? We deliver creative results with lasting added value.

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