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Hakkers is the specialist in building foundations. Take advantage of Hakkers sustainable fleet of leader and drilling rigs for the vibration-free installation of grout anchors, pile foundations and sheet piling. We can provide lead, shore and ‘over the top’ drilling. Our years of accumulated knowledge and our expert staff allow us to work from both land and water. This means we are flexible and can work at any location from the vast expanse of the Maasvlakte to densely populated and cramped inner-city areas.

The World of Hakkers


We have extensive experience in supplying, installing and testing anchors and anchor piles. Our specialisms also include the extraction of existing anchors. We have refined our anchoring expertise over the years by learning from our experiences on hundreds of projects. This makes us the best partner in foundation engineering.

Drill and anchor piles

The domain has grown due to in-house production and the use of self-drilling grout injection anchors. We also work with grout anchors (with a solid rod), grout injection anchor piles suitable for absorbing both tensile and compressive forces, and anchor piles with a solid central element (single and double-tubed, as well as systems in which the casing is brought to depth as a whole by drilling or vibration).


Hakkers has the necessary jacking and measuring equipment operated by experts. For example, we conduct testing, suitability and failure tests. We digitally process the results of the tests at the place of initial assessment. After internal review at our project office, we make the results available to the client and deliver the project with pride.


Hakkers has a variety of proven modern equipment that allows us to take on any challenge. The particular characteristics of each piece of equipment determine its use on projects.

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Woltman 90 DR

The Woltman 90 DR is a 90-ton foundation machine that allows Hakkers to install all common pile systems to very great depths. The machine is equipped with a 45-ton-metre drill, various high-frequency or sonic vibro hammers, a hydrohammer or a hammer drill. The Woltman has a fully automatic drill recording system.

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The world of Hakkers consists of three domains, one of which is foundation engineering. We are pleased to show you our fantastic results and our current challenges. Be inspired by real-world examples.


Want to meet the challenge with Hakkers and make your project a success? We deliver creative results with lasting added value.

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