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On 30 October, the Clean and Emission-Free Building Covenant was signed in Utrecht. Agreements were made in the covenant between the government, commissioning parties and market players to use increasingly cleaner equipment in construction and civil engineering in the coming years. The Association of Hydraulic Engineers (VVW) participated in the signing on behalf of Hakkers.

The covenant underscores the industry’s commitment to increasingly clean operations. This means reduced CO2, nitrogen and soot emissions. Clear steps will be taken in transition and transformation paths towards the ultimate goal: zero-emission projects. A lot of construction equipment and projects are covered by the covenant. This includes mobile equipment, logistics, offshore construction projects, and so on. A participating commissioning party can choose between a basic level or an ambitious level where zero-emissions is increasingly required as standard. Hakkers shows ambition Sustainability in structural hydraulic engineering and foundation engineering is not simple. For example, electrical infrastructure is not present at the work site and work requiring high voltage is carried out. Nevertheless, Hakkers is building a sustainable fleet of equipment on several fronts. Our first 100% zero-emission work vessel is currently under construction. In late October, the first all-electric foundation set was started on the Rijnkade Arnhem dike reinforcement project. Our MS Frans piling vessel is currently being re-equipped with Stage V engines. Furthermore, we are increasingly using batteries and solar panels and all new company cars are electric. Responsibility The Clean and Emission-Free Building Covenant supports the climate ambitions within our sustainable business vision. Our actions are inextricably linked to current global warming. The choices we make now determine the future. Recognising our responsibility forces us to face those consequences and take action. Hakkers does so by reducing its ecological footprint and taking an active role in creating sustainable infrastructure. Our eventual ambition is to be climate-neutral by 2050.


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