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Woltman 90DR

The Woltman 90 DR is a 90-ton foundation machine that allows Hakkers to install all common pile systems to very great depths.

Woltman A-1200PDS

The Woltman A-1200PDS is a 128-ton crawler crane and is usually stationed on the deck of the Frans piling vessel.

Volvo EW 180 E

This 19.9-ton hydraulic excavator is used primarily for small earthwork, paving and assembly work from the shore.

Volvo EC 480E Semi LR

This 58-ton hydraulic crawler excavator is used primarily for dredging and earth moving.

Sennebogen 650 HD

A 50-ton piling crane nicknamed The Beauty. Purchased new in 2012 to replace an older 50-ton crawler crane.

Sennebogen 630R-HD

A 35-ton telescopic crawler crane stationed on the deck of the Cornelis. The crane is used primarily for hoisting and assembly work.

Sennebogen 6180 HD

Hakkers handles heavy lifting and hoisting work with its 180-ton Sennebogen crane.

Sennebogen 6100 HD

A 100-ton crawler crane stationed on the deck of the Adriaan. Suitable for heavier lifting, hoisting, piling and foundation work.

Hitachi Zaxis 350LC-3

This 40-ton hydraulic crane can be equipped with a vibro or demolition hammer. It is also quite suitable for dry and wet earthwork.

Hitachi KH 150-3

This 40-ton crawler crane is used primarily as a hoisting and piling crane for lighter work both on land and from a pontoon.